Coatings & Sprays

Coatings & Sprays

Anti-Slip Spray Anti-Slip Spray
Floor Coating Floor Coating

For an anti-slip surface in seconds, RUST-OLEUM aerosol spray is the ideal choice. It adheres to metal, wood, concrete, ceramic tiles and is dry in just 10 minutes.

For anti-slip combined with durability, RUST-OLEUM 7100NS floor coating is the answer. Ideal for applying to most substrates and therefore suitable for use in warehouses, workshops and showrooms and around machinery and on steps.

RUST-OLEUM 7100NS is available in a range of standard colours and in safety colours for line marking, etc. 

Full product details and specifications are available by clicking on the PDF of choice below. For additional information and assistance, please contact the Quantick Systems sales office or, complete the ‘Contact Us' page for a prompt response.

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