Roof & Floor Matting

Roof & Floor Matting

Crossgrip Crossgrip
Rigid Grid Rigid Grid
Heavy Duty Heavy Duty
Closed Mesh Closed Mesh
Tubular Cushion Tubular Cushion
Light Duty Light Duty

With slips, trips and falls accounting for 20% of accidents in the workplace and with an increased awareness of public liability issues, slip resistance performance is perhaps even more important today than it has been at any time in the past. Where slip resistance is required, Quantick matting products offer assured testing to DIN 51130 values.


Crossgrip Matting

Impervious to all weather conditions, Crossgrip high level walkway matting is down to earth when it comes to funtionality. A non-porous PVC with cross directional top ribs and a 'diamond cut' surface for a firm underfoot grip, Crossgrip provide safe access whilst protecting the roof membrane below from damage. Once installed, Crossgrip remains stable in winds up to 94mph/150km/h, however if winds exceed 95mph the matting should be secured with connecting loops. Compatible with various roof membranes, self-draining where water collects and resistant to bacteria, Crossgrip equals the life of most modern building materials.


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Rigid Grid Floor Tiling

Manufactured from polyethylene, our Plastexgrid heavy duty rigid inter-lock tiles are specifically designed for dispersal of large volumes of liquids from floor areas, are resistant to detergents, industrial chemicals and acids, and can withstand up to 50 T/m2 pressure. Available as 50cm x 50cm tiles in either red or dark grey colours and open or closed grid formation. 

Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Matting

Flexigrid is the ideal hard wearing anti-slip surface for heavy industrial processes which generate waste by-products in harsh environments. Chemical, oil and acid resistant. Made from recycled factory waste and 100% recyclable, Flexigrid is available in 5m and 10m rolls and 2 standard widths, or rectangular modules.

Closed Mesh Anti-Slip Matting

Firmagrip is a closed mesh anti-slip matting designed to provide a slip resistant surface for environments with wheeled traffic, ensuring vehicle stability while allowing spillages to drain through. Available in 10m rolls, 3 different widths and 3 standard colours: Green, Black and Red.

Anti-Slip Tubular Cushion Flooring

Heronair is a lightweight, multi-purpose anti-slip matting designed for maximum comfort underfoot which can be laid on top of any floor surface without fixing. Made from hard wearing and flexible PVC, Heronair is highly slip resistant, insulating, cost-effective and easy to install.

Light Duty Anti-Slip Matting

Floorline is designed for light duty areas, providing anti-slip cover and spillage dispersal in a lightweight and easy-to-clean loose lay format. Available in 10m rolls in 2 widths and 3 colours: Red, Blue and Green.

Animal Fat Resistant Anti-Slip Matting

Herongripa is a large open-spaced grid matting specifically designed for use in the food processing industry, allowing waste by-products to fall through and maintain a safe working environment, conforming to anti-slip certification DIN 51130;R11. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, Herongripa anti-slip matting is manufactured from specially formulated animal fat resistant vinyl in east-to-cut roll format, in 5m and 10m lengths, three standard widths and standard terracotta colour.

Full product details and specifications are available by clicking on the PDF of choice below. For additional information and assistance, please contact the Quantick Systems sales office or, complete the 'Contact Us' page for a prompt response.


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