Self Adhesive Tapes & Cleats

Self Adhesive Tapes & Cleats

The extensive Quantick Safety Systems range of self-adhesive products adds immediate anti-slip to almost any surface or substrate. Our versatile anti-slip tapes, cleats and plates are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and shapes and all have a heavy coating of pressure sensitive adhesive, ensuring the applied product is both water resistant and durable. 

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Quantick self-adhesive products include:

Standard, Warning Message and Feature Cleats in a variety of colours, configurations and patterns including transparent for decorative surfaces, custom warning messages and glow-in-the-dark or reflective strips.

Standard, Hazard Warning and Special Tapes in a wide range of colours for optimum contrast, and including photoluminescent, fluorescent and 'Barefoot Safe' for use in shower and bathing areas.

Electrically conductive, aluminium-backed Conformable Tapes & Cleats which can be moulded to a textured surface using a rubber mallet or similar.

Anti-slip Walkway & Ramp Covers in sheets or rolls, ideal for walkways, ramps, pedestrian crossing points and building entrances.

Patterned anti-slip Tiles, Discs & Footprints used to create route markers or patterned features.

Our standards anti-slip tapes can by cut by our computer-controlled equipment to any size or shape, and can be additionally modified by adding special liners, adhesives or packing varieties. "Kiss-cut" pieces can also be provided on a roll.

Our self-adhesive PVC Line Markers are quick and easy way to delineate work areas, with no cure time or fumes. Simply peel off the backing liner and press into position.

Aluminium anti-slip plates are pre-drilled and ready for screw or bolt fixing, and available in a wide variety of colours.

Ancillary anti-slip products include Tape Primer which seals porous surfaces like wood and concrete to create a more secure and durable bond, Edge Fix which helps extend the life of Quantick applications by preventing the lifting of tape edges, and Tape Cleaner to more effectively clean surfaces before applying our grip tape.

Full product details and specifications are available by clicking on the PDF below. For additional information and assistance, please contact the Quantick Systems sales office or, complete the 'Contact Us' page for a prompt response.


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