Wet Floors Anti-slip

Wet Floors Anti-slip

A unique, virtually invisible liquid applied safety surfacing treatment for Ceramic Tiles, Quarry Tiles, Marble, Granite, Porcelain, Terrazzo and Concrete. Can be applied with minimal disruption and downtime and can be walked on immediately following application. Effective with a wide variety of footwear and provides outstanding anti-slip properties even where bare feet are concerned.

Increases the coefficient of friction or slip resistance by moisture reaction not by an acid etching process and has proven, in practical site conditions, to reduce bacteria growth. Unlike traditional safety surfacing treatments, application does not alter the aesthetic appearance or integrity of the substrate, therefore decorative tiled or natural stone surfaces such as marble or granite appear virtually unchanged.

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The anti-slip treatment will not damage any grouting or surface structure, and can be used effectively on high glaze or polished surfaces. The final surface is easily cleaned and maintained. Typical applications for our anti-slip treatment include Swimming Pools, Kitchens, Entrance Ways, Leisure Centres, Production Areas, Shopping Malls, Showers and Changing Rooms.

Full product details and specifications are available by clicking on the PDF below. For additional information and assistance, please contact the Quantick Systems sales office or, complete the ‘Contact Us' page for a prompt response.


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