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3M 5200 PU Marine Adhesive Sealant

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  • 3M 5200 PU Marine Adhesive Sealant

The 3M Marine 5200 Fast Cure Adhesive Sealant is one of the most high performing, one part and moisture curing polyurethane adhesive sealants which is ideal for application using our RungGrip Anti-Slip Ladder Rungs.

Why choose the 3M 5200 PU Marine Adhesive Sealant?

Flexible, hard wearing polyurethane polymer construction A proven formula that won’t shrink or sag and it is a product that will stay in place for the long term

A product that can be applied and function well in temperatures up to 40ᵒc

The surfaces should be abraded with a fine grade abrasive to enhance the strength of the bond

The 5200 Fast Cure Adhesive Sealant should be applied to the seam or part to be bonded Position the parts and add the sealant to achieve the required look.

Do not apply the product at temperatures lower than 5°C or on surfaces that have been covered in frost.

Size: 295ml tube

Coverage: 1 x 295ml tube covers 2400m of RungGrip

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