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Aerolight High Rise

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  • Aerolight High Rise

Falling into our portable ramp range, the Aerolight High Rise kit is a popular solution for a variety of different settings. These combinations can be customised to offer up to 16ft of ramp length with the strength to still maintain reliable stability. They are an effective solution for multiple steps, creating smooth access and allowing wheelchairs, suitcases and equipment to be rolled around easily. The key benefits of the High Rise are similar to that of the Aerolight-Xtra but with the added bonus of a ramp joining support. Giving further distance and expanding the scope of possibilities, breech larger thresholds with ease.

This professional-level ramp is fully adjustable to any height or gradient. The ramp joining support can be purchased separately however, here, purchasing the entire kit helps to save money and fit inside more stringent budgets. Manufactured by a leading brand, ramps such as this allow your property to become more accessible, improve safety and minimise the risk of injury.

Quantick Safety Systems manufactures and supplies a selection of the best access solutions available today. We understand the demands of modern homes and businesses and aim to support you by providing you with products you can trust. If you have any questions about the Aerolight High Rise, get in contact with the team here today.

Ramp Kit includesRamp Kit LengthRamp Width*Ramp Lip WidthRamp Max Height at 1:8Ramp Capacity

1 Joining support, 2 Aerolight Xtra 120cm Ramps

300 cm (10 ft)76 cm (30 ins)71.4 cm (28.1 ins)37.5 cm (15 ins)350 kg (55 st)

1 Joining support, 2 Aerolight Xtra 180cm Ramps

360 cm (12 ft)76 cm (30 ins)
71.4 cm (28.1 ins)
45 cm (18 ins)350 kg (55 st)

1 Joining support, 2 Aerolight Xtra 210cm Ramps

420 cm (14 ft)76 cm (30 ins)
71.4 cm (28.1 ins)
52.5 cm (21 ins)300 kg ( 47 st)

1 Joining support, 2 Aerolight Xtra 240cm Ramps

480 cm (16 ft)76 cm (30 ins)
71.4 cm (28.1 ins)
60 cm (24 ins)250 kg (39 st)

*Width excludes handles

Joining Support: includes easy to use handle fixings for height adjustment.  Can be used with any Aerolight ramp we 11 - 45 cm (4 - 18 ins)350 kg (55 st)4.7 kg (10 lbs)

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