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Anti Slip Walkway

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  • Anti Slip Walkway

This Anti Slip Walkway has been designed and manufactured as an effective alternative to traditional solutions. Once, painted walkways were the most commonly found option in commercial and industrial environments. Although these provide a range of benefits, they disrupt the progression of work due to excessive labour, drying times and the time needed to paint required signage into place. Here, a large roll of anti-slip material has been printed and cut to size - allowing you to create a suitable walkway in seconds. It has a fully self-adhesive backing which affixes well to all hard, clean, and dry surfaces, including those externally as well as internally. It comes in 2 different lengths to suit your environment and creates an adaptable and safe route to channel foot traffic through.

From warehouses through to areas prone to loose dirt or ice fall can benefit from this product. It actively minimises the risk of slips and trips for everyone and has a surface which won't become slippery when wet. It comes in a variety of colour options to suit your corporate needs and is a practical option for many different industries, property types and applications alike.

Here at Quantick Safety Systems, we manufacture and supply some of the best floor safety solutions available on the market. If you have any questions or need further specification information about our Anti Slip Walkway, get in touch with the team here today. We'll ensure you find the right product to fit both your needs and your budget.

1) Material Storage

Ensure the material is kept in dry, warm conditions in the original protective packaging.

2) Surface Preparation

A clean, dry surface is essential. Use an IPA cleaner to remove all surface contaminants (paint flakes, etc) – DO NOT use methylated spirits/petrol/lighter fluid etc., as these leave behind a thin, greasy residue. Ensure prepared surface is above 10°C.

3) Porous Surface Sealing

Porous surfaces must be sealed prior to application to prevent water attacking the adhesive.  Toluene based primers are ideal - we recommend our own product for this job. Apply a thin coat to the cleaned surface using a paint brush, then leave to dry.

4) Tape Application

Peel back part of the release liner then press the adhesive firmly onto the prepared surface, and slowly keep peeling back the liner while applying the tape. Try to ensure that the tape is not taut.

5) Finish!

Once applied, press tape down firmly using even pressure (decorating rollers are excellent for this).  We recommend sealing the edges using ‘edge fix’ as this will extend the life of the product. Only use a small amount down the edges, a thin bead.

If correctly applied, the new anti-slip surface can be walked on instantly, you will get maximum benefit from the adhesive system after 48 hours.

Sizes:  Available in 1 m x 5 m or 1 m x 10 m 

Colours:  Green base two yellow walking people at regular intervals, or Blue Base with White Walking people at regular intervals. For large order quantities we may be able to supply colours to suit your needs, brand or workplace; please contact us to enquire.

For more information on markagrip or for a quote or sample, fill out the request a quote/sample or contact us from and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

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