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Anti Slip GRP Decking Boards

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  • Anti Slip GRP Decking Boards

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For the complete solution to outdoor decking, why not consider our anti-slip GRP Decking Boards. They are an effective replacement for traditional decking and it’s one of the most hard wearing and long lasting products that you can buy. It’s also great because the decking won’t rot, and they aren’t susceptible to mould growth.

These decking boards can be used in a variety of applications from bridges and walkways through to access routes and paths. Perfect for use in areas that are constantly wet such as quays or marinas they are incredibly strong, much stronger than traditional decking and you can install lengths of 1350mm without any additional supportive measures. With a high quality, anti slip surface that ranks highly on the PTV scale (70 on a dry surface and 65 on a wet surface) along with a 10 year guarantee, this is a product that is a must have, particularly if you are a commercial premises planning outdoor decking areas for your customers.

Lengths: 1200mm or 2400mm

Width: 120mm

Thickness: 6mm

Colours*: Decking Brown

Ideal For: Commercial and Industrial applications

Pedestrian Traffic Level: Heavy

PTV Test Value:  70 Dry, 65 Wet

Guarantee: 10 Years

* If you would like to order any other RAL colour, please contact us to place your bespoke order, minimum order quantity may apply

The GRP decking boards are available to purchase in lengths of 2400mm or 1200mm and they are installed in exactly the same way as you would install traditional wooden decking. If you are undertaking a larger or more complex project and you have quite bespoke specifications, you can contact us and the decking boards can be made to order, just ask our team and we will try our best to accommodate your request. You can also purchase pre-connected panels which are made to order too, enabling multiple planks to be connected together to form a convenient pallet which reduces the time it takes to install the decking and reduces the number of fixings that you will need to use in the project.


Before beginning the installation process, you should dry fit all of the panels into the required area to make sure that they are not only a good fit, but so that they sit as flat as possible on the surface. If you need to, trim any panels to size using a suitable cutting blade and industrial jigsaw. A tool such as the Bosch T101 AF or a similar piece of equipment would work well for this task.


If you are working with a timber framework:

Take each of the panels and drill a hole through each, fixing the Spax screw into the timber support. It is recommended that you use a 75mm Spax screw. If you purchase pre-joined panels you will only need a fixing every fifth plank. The screws should be placed around 50mm from the edge of the plank.

If you are working with steel frameworks:

There are two main ways that you can complete the installation, the first is with a bolt system and the second is through a screw system.

Bolt System – The fixing that you will need will be determined by the thickness of the steel supports. You will need to drill a hole through each of the panels large enough for the screw to fit through to secure it to the steel support. Ideally, use an M8 dome head bolt. This should be inserted through the panel and then into the steel support using a nut and washer to tighten it up from underneath.

Screw System – As an alternative to the bolt system you can use a self tapping screw instead. Drill a hole through each of the panels and then secure to the steel support using the necessary self tapping screw. You may need to create a pilot hole in the support with this method.

Each of the planks should be fixed down at either end using the appropriate fixings, approximately 50mm from the edge. When working with larger areas you may want to include a central fixing too provided that there is sufficient support underneath to attach the fixing to.

Once the planks are secured in place, they are ready to be used and walked on straight away.

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