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Anti Slip GRP Decking Strips

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  • Anti Slip GRP Decking Strips

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Decking can be incredibly slippery when it becomes wet but our anti-slip GRP decking strips are the perfect solution for any outdoor area. Suitable for commercial use such as in nightclubs, bars, restaurants, garden centres, shopping centres and more as well as residential homes, these decking strips increase safety and reduce trips and slips on decking. They can also blend in well with the existing decking and once installed, they fit in well and don’t look out of place.

Each strip is supplied pre-drilled and with screws to secure them in place. Simply drill the holes that you need, and you are ready to install the strips with no disruption to your business and they are ready to walk on immediately. The strips also feature a chamfered edge to enhance safety and provide even greater grip and a selection of colours are available making them ideal for use on the edge of steps to offer greater visibility.

The anti-slip, GRP decking strips also include a five year warranty against any breakages when properly installed. Easy to install, convenient and practical, these strips will improve safety and enhance the look of any decking area, whether it’s in your own home or an outdoor area that’s part of your business. Our decking strips are sold as a single strip for greater convenience.

The anti-slip standard GRP decking strips are manufactured with pre-drilled holes for ease of installation. They can be secured in place using strong zinc plated fixing screws. If you think that you will need a harder wearing screw, you can choose to upgrade to the stainless steel screw if you prefer a rust free option.


Before installing the decking strips, the existing decking should be in good condition and free from any debris and dirt. The decking should also be dry, so make sure that it hasn’t been raining the night before you install them. Any defective or damaged decking should be repaired to leave a flat and even surface.

When you are happy with the condition of the decking, dry fit each strip, making sure that they rest on the surface as neatly as possible. If you need to, you can trim or shape the strips to fit certain areas of decking but you will need to use a skill saw with a 4mm diamond blade or an angle grinder with a suitable 1mm blade. Using the right cutting tools is important.

With the strips properly prepared and in the right place, use a marker to mark through the pre-drilled holes onto the decking underneath.


Use the marks as a guide and place the strips into position, using the screws provided. Drill through the pre-drilled holes and into the decking beneath for all of the pre-drilled holes. If you are drilling into hardwood, you may need to create a pilot hole.

It is important to use the screws provided with the decking strips as wood such as decking will expand and contract at a different rate to the fibreglass strips so these screws will allow for the movement and prevent splitting or bowing. Avoid over tightening the screws as this will restrict movement as the wood expands and contracts.

Once the decking strips are securely in place with the recommended screws, the decking is ready to use.

Lengths: 1200mm or 2400mm

Width: 50mm or 90mm

Thickness: 3mm (at thickest point)

Colours: Black or Stone

Ideal For: Domestic and light Commercial use

Pedestrian Traffic Level: Light-Medium

PTV Test Value: 66 Dry, 59 Wet

Guarantee: 5 Years

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