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Anti Slip Heavy Duty GRP Decking Strips

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  • Anti Slip Heavy Duty GRP Decking Strips

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Wooden decking can look great for any outdoor area, but when it rains it can become slippery. This presents a danger to anyone who uses the decking after it’s rained. Perhaps you have a commercial premises with an outdoor area that features decking or you are a homeowner who wants greater peace of mind. Our heavy duty GRP decking strips will offer a complete anti-slip solution that will help make any decking area completely safe to walk on, no matter how much it’s been raining.

The decking strips come with a 10 year guarantee against breakage too so you are protected if in the unlikely event that they don’t last as long as they should. Easy to install, they are supplied with screws and pre-drilled holes for maximum convenience. All you need to do to secure them in place is drill and you can install them quickly and easily.

The strips can be purchased in two different grades, Coarse which is suitable for marina, quay, coastal, industrial and harsh weather decking areas. And as a fine grade grit so you can place them in commercial indoor areas, even those with lots of foot traffic such as hospitals and schools. Also featuring a chamfered edge to reduce slips and falls and to increase safety, the decking strips are designed with safety in mind.

Lengths: 1200mm or 2400mm

Width: 50mm, 90mm, or 120mm

Grade*: Fine or Coarse

Thickness: 3mm (at thickest point)

Colours: Black, Stone, or Yellow

Ideal For: Commercial and Industrial applications

Pedestrian Traffic Level: Heavy

PTV Test Value:  Fine (68 Dry, 62 Wet), Coarse (66 Dry, 59 Wet)

Guarantee: 10 Years

*Fine grade is suitable for hospitals and schools where if someone were to fall the heavy duty grit would not cause further injury. Coarse grade is for industrial areas and areas with harsh weather conditions.


The decking strips are easy to install and include pre-drilled holes and zinc plated fixing screws. All you will need to complete the installation process is a suitable drill. If you think that the zinc screws won’t be suitable for your particular application, you can switch them to stainless steel screws which are stronger, and they won’t rust.


Before you can begin the installation process you will need to prepare the existing decking. You can do this by ensuring that it is dry, clean and free from any debris or loose material. Where the surface of the wood is damaged this will need to be repaired to create a flat and even surface to achieve the best results. Once the surface has been properly prepared, dry fit each of the decking strips to make sure that they fit freely and flat to the surface of the decking. If you need to, you can cut the strips to fit particular shapes or sizes. If you do need to cut them to size, you will need either a 1mm bladed angle grinder or a 4mm diamond bladed skill saw. When the decking strips are in the correct place, take a marker and mark through the pre-drilled holes onto the decking.


Place the strips into position where you need them to go and then take the screws in turn, drilling through the pre-drilled holes and into the decking underneath. Repeat this until all of the pre-drilled holes have been filled. If you are drilling into hardwood, you may need to create a pilot hole. It is important that you use the screws that we provide with your decking strips because the natural properties of decking will result in the contraction and expansion of the wood over time. The screws that we supply allow for this movement to take place and will help to remove any splitting or bowing of the wood. Avoid over tightening the screws because this can restrict movement as the wood moves in different temperatures.

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