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Anti-slip Decking Solutions

Anti-slip Decking Solutions

Anti-slip slip Decking Solutions is an essential addition to your home or business if you have traditional wooden decking. Although visually appealing and great for outdoor spaces, decking can become slippery when it’s wet. If you are a business owner with an outdoor space that features decking, or you are a homeowner with decking in the garden, can present a variety of risks from water, mould, moss and algae as it ages. Even with regular care and maintenance, timber decking can quickly become dangerous to walk on.

Suitable for commercial and residential use, we offer a range of anti-slip decking strips and boards that are manufactured to the highest quality standards and they will offer the longevity that you need even for high traffic areas. They have been designed to withstand the most demanding environments and our retrofit anti slip solutions can be installed by simply screwing and gluing them to existing decking boards and our anti slip decking boards can offer a direct replacement for traditional wooden decking.

Once applied to the surface of the decking, our range of retrofit anti slip decking solutions create a slip resistant surface in any weather condition. As well as offering an improved floor space to walk on, they don’t look out of place and they blend in well with the original decking. Available in a range of colours, they are a cost effective solution to make all types of decking safer.

Non slip decking systems and boards designed for complete safety. Contact us today to place your order or ask any questions that you may have.

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