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Anti-slip Tape

Anti-slip Tape

As specialists in anti-slip surfaces, we stock a selection of anti-slip tape for several applications. The products that we offer are used in a variety of environments including the most demanding, high traffic areas. Our tapes won’t shrink, lift, curl or tear and once they have been properly applied, depending on footfall, they will remain in place for the long term. Available in a selection of colours and grades, our non-slip grip tape provides a safe and effective surface for floors, stairs, ramps and more.

The installation process is quick and simple, completed in no time at all and with minimal disruption or downtime for your business. Anti-slip tapes don’t need any specialist application, provided that they are fitted to a clean and even surface and secured in place by smoothing them down so the adhesive sticks to the surface, they should remain in place for as long as you need them to. 

You can also purchase the anti-slip tape in a range of sizes and textures too depending on the environment. For industrial applications, a coarse tape would be recommended and for lower traffic areas a less coarse surface.

markagrip Aqua is ideal for areas where a non abrasive skin friendly and waterproof product is needed such as changing rooms, around pools and on boats

markagrip conformable is suitable for contoured and uneven surfaces, steps, stairwells, ladders and fire escapes, particularly those made from durbar, chequar plate or diamond tread

markagrip anti slip tapes are ideal for use in areas such as stairways, storage areas, production rooms, ladders and ramps as well as machine footplates, and are available in different grit grades and chemical resistance meaning there is a tape for anything from home to industrial use.

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