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Floor Coverings

Make a worthwhile investment with GRP flooring and improve safety standards in your workplace. By installing this flooring you will not only help make sure that users of your workspace are safer as they walk around, but it will also help to ensure that you are compliant with the safety regulations. In certain industries and manufacturing environments, the floor can soon become slippery from water, oils, grease and chemicals produced as part of day to day operations and these substances can make surfaces hazardous to walk on.

Our flooring is available in a range of colours and designs, offering multiple levels of safety for different areas of risk. Our team have extensive product knowledge and we can offer advice on the best flooring type for your premises.

The flooring that you purchase from us will offer incredible resilience to everyday wear and tear and staff can go about their day to day duties with confidence knowing that there is a decreased risk of slipping on the floor if it becomes wet or covered in oils, grease or other substances. Suitable for high traffic areas, our anti slip floor coverings work well in schools, hospitals, leisure facilities, hotels, warehouses and offices or any workplace where safety flooring is required.

From small floor spaces to large buildings we can accommodate all types of orders including those required for high risk areas. To find out more about the GRP flooring that we supply, contact our team today to find out more or place your order.

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