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Contract Bridge Type Threshold Ramp

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  • Contract Bridge Type Threshold Ramp

Fitting within any budget, the Contract Bridge Type Threshold Ramp is ideal for bridging any small PVC threshold. It forms part of our budget range, still offering the strength and durability to withstand high-traffic volumes. The aluminium body is lightweight and hard wearing while being easy to move around and store when wanted. It has been anodised fully which, during different weather conditions, prevents stains and eliminates the risk of corrosion over time. An anti-slip surface improves the health and safety of your workplace or home and allows you to confidently use this ramp to move freely around a property.

This ramp is full-width and features rubber grips on the underside. This protects your PVC or WPVC surfaces during use, allowing it to be used anywhere without risking the need for additional labour. It comes in a range of different heights ranging from 4cm up to 6cm. This allows it to be versatile enough throughout your building and provides the confidence needed to welcome guests and visitors alike. When it comes to improving accessibility, these ramps offer a wealth of benefits that make them suitable for commercial, residential and industrial environments alike.

Quantick Safety Systems manufacture, supply and install a range of safety solutions to improve the flow of traffic around your building. If you have any questions about this Contract Bridge Type Threshold Ramp, please get in touch with our sales team. We'll help you to find the right accessibility ramp for your needs while sticking to any budget too.

Ramp HeightRamp LengthRamp WidthRamp Capacity*Ramp Weight
4 cm (1.6 ins)50 cm (19.7 ins)
70 cm (27.5 ins)300 kg (47 st)3 kg (6.6 lbs)
6 cm (2.4 ins)60 cm (23.6 ins)
70 cm (27.5 ins)250 kg (39.4 st)3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)

* Ramp capacity assumes it is resting on the threshold

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