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Doorline Wedge

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  • Doorline Wedge

A classic option for all environments, the Doorline Wedge is a simple and effective solution to improve accessibility. It is suitable for use internally and externally to create a sloped solution to steps and thresholds. For easy manoeuvrability, this wedge has been manufactured from anodised aluminium with a protective finish to prevent stains and corrosion. It is extremely lightweight and can be stored easily when no longer in use. The textured surface provides grip for wheels, even in varying weather conditions, with a general slope varying in size from 4cm to 10cm.

The anti-slip base minimises the risk of damage to the installation floor while also reducing the chance of slips or injuries from users. In both residential and commercial environments, this actively improved accessibility and improves the flow of traffic. It also has the potential to increase the number of escape points a person is able to reach in the event of an emergency. This simple threshold solution can be applied to all manner of different situations, moved as needed and can be used by everyone.

Quantick Safety Systems aims to bring the most comprehensive collection of safe access solutions together in our online store for both commercial and residential customers. Our floor safety systems, such as this Doorline Wedge, are an effective way to improve accessibility instantly. If you have any questions about this product or any other in our online store, get in touch with the sales team here today.

Ramp HeightRamp LengthRamp WidthRamp CapacityRamp Weight
4 cm (1.6 ins)25 cm (10 ins)72 cm (28 ins)300 kg (47 st)2.6 kg (6 lbs)
6 cm (2.4 ins)40 cm (16 ins)72 cm (28 ins)
300 kg (47 st)
3.1 kg (7 lbs)
8 cm (3.1 ins)50 cm (20 ins)72 cm (28 ins)
300 kg (47 st)
4 kg (9 lbs)
10 cm (3.9 ins)60 cm (24 ins)72 cm (28 ins)
300 kg (47 st)
5 kg (11 lbs)

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