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Half Step

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  • Half Step

Designed for external use, the Half Step helps to reduce the height of doorsteps. For those with issues moving and properties where accessibility poses a unique hurdle, this is an essential solution. It enables the user to take smaller steps when entering or exiting a building and allows them to enter safety. This step has been designed for durability with an anti-slip, weather-resistant surface to stand up to the extreme conditions we see here in the UK. This offers peace of mind during every step and works to effectively minimise the risk of injury at all times.

Underneath, four durable rubber feet have been included to improve stability. These pair with drainage holes to clear away water pools and sure grip dimples to give confidence back to the user. The generous step area has also been carefully designed to accommodate the needs of people suffering from arthritis, limited mobility or those recovering from knee or hip replacements. It is capable of successfully holding weights of up to 200kg and works in both residential or commercial settings.

Quantick Safety Systems is proud of the wide range of access solutions available in our online store. If you have any questions about the Half Step, get in touch with the sales team here today. We will aim to answer all questions and guide you towards the right product solution for your individual needs.

Step HeightStep LengthStep WidthStep CapacityStep Weight
9 cm (3.54 ins)50 cm (20 ins)40 cm (15.7 ins)200 kg (31 st)1.8 kg (4 lbs)

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