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Heavy Duty GRP Anti Slip Stair Tread Cover

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  • Heavy Duty GRP Anti Slip Stair Tread Cover

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Our heavy-duty GRP anti slip stair tread covers are easy to install and can be fitted in no time at all. They are anti-slip and offer an effective visual aid for stairways. Highly durable and cost effective they are fully compliant with building regulations and DDA. Depending on your requirements, the product is available in two grit grades; Coarse is best suited for external applications and fine grit is better suited to internal treads. The heavy-duty design of the treads will also ensure that it can withstand chemicals making them ideal for hazardous environments. Manufactured using a pultrusion process and constructed from fibreglass GRP these heavy-duty tread covers are tough, durable and can resist swelling, stretching or warping and they can withstand a range of temperatures and physical stresses.

The tread cover has been coated with a strong ceramic grit which measures 9 on the MOH hardness scale offering the highest standards of anti-slip that you need for a commercial, industrial or warehouse environment where safety is a major concern.

The installation process is easy and is completed in a few simple steps and the treads are so versatile that they work with almost any substrate.

All treads have a 10-year guarantee against breakage too.

Installing the heavy-duty anti-slip stair tread covers is easy and even more so if you use our recommended stair tread cover fixing kit. Each kit will include 3 metres of stair tread cover.


Instructions on how to measure your stairs accurately is explained in the diagram in Image 4.


Before the installation process can start, it is important that the surface is suitable. This means that it should be free from loose debris, even and any holes or bumps have been addressed. If the surface is concrete, you can undertake a patch repair with a step edge repair kit.

When the surface is ready, the stair tread covers should be dry fitted to make sure that they are a good fit for the area you need. They should fit flush to the surface. If needed, you can trim any excess for a better fit. If you do decide to trim the material, you will need either a 4mm diamond blade skill saw or a 1mm blade angle grinder. Make sure that if you do use any cutting equipment you wear suitable goggles and gloves.

Fixing Kit Application

Using the fitting kit, carefully take the gap filling adhesive and apply a 6mm bead around the edge of the stair tread covers about 25mm from the edge. You may need a larger bead depending on the surface. Next, begin at the bottom left corner and apply the adhesive at an angle and then back down again to create a peak and trough pattern. Repeat this pattern over the full width of the material to ensure good coverage. It is recommended that you apply the adhesive with a skeleton gun.

With the adhesive adequately applied, press the panel securely to the substrate to distribute the adhesive and enable a strong bond to form. Depending on the size of bead that you used, the sheet will be elevated by 1mm to 1.5mm. Once fitted in place, the material will be fully bonded within around an hour.

On each side of the stair tread cover you will now need to drill two holes, around 60mm from the back edge and 50mm from the side. For a larger sized tread, you may need to have more fixing points which are located in the centre.

The installation process is now complete, and it is safe to use.

Lengths: 600mm, 750mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 2000mm or 3000mm

Profile: 345mm depth x 55mm nosing

Grade: Coarse (For external applications) and Fine (For internal application)

Thickness: 5-6mm With Grit

Colours: Black with white nosing, Black with yellow nosing, Grey with white nosing, Grey with yellow nosing, Stone with stone nosing, Stone with white nosing. For bespoke colours please contact us.

MOHS Hardness Scale: 9

Ideal For: Commercial and Industrial Premises

Pedestrian Traffic Level: Heavy

PTV Test Value: 76 Dry, 70 Wet (Coarse Grit); 71 Dry, 63 Wet (Fine Grit)

Guarantee: 10 Years

We can offer a free cut-to-size service if the above sizes aren't suitable for you. Contact us now to place your bespoke order.



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