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10 meter RetroGrip pack

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  • 10 meter RetroGrip pack

10 meter RetoGrip pack in 1 meter lengths including free adessive, screw pack and drill bit.

RetroGrip® Decking Inserts are suitable for reducing the risk of injury on slippery decking surfaces. They have been manufactured to surpass the British Slip Standards and fit most grooved decking surfaces. Suitable for a range of different settings, this anti-slip solution is quick and easy to install, fitting to the surface in minutes without ruining the look of your decking. It uses just a single line of adhesive to hold the entire body on timber decking. For added stability, screws can be used to heighten health and safety.

Available in silver and dark grey, it has an elegant low profile which creates a smooth access path. The lightweight and hard wearing aluminium body have rust-resistant properties and suitable for use in a range of weather conditions. This has been heightened by the use of powder-coating on the Dark Grey strips and ensures your inserts can stay put for many years to come.

Please note, if your decking is greasy or dirty before installation, the adhesive will fix to the dirt but not the timber. Equally, grease can also stop it bonding altogether. Before fitting, ensure the surface is clean and suitable for installation. To see if it fits your decking order your free sample online today using our ‘sample request’ form.

The team here at Quantick Safety Systems are highly skilled in providing advice and recommendations for every location. Get in touch today if you require additional information.

Lengths: 1 Meter Strips - 10 meters in total

Nosing Colours: Silver Aluminium and Dark Grey

Ideal For: Commercial Premises and Home use

Pedestrian Traffic Level: light to Medium 

PTV Test Value: 96 Dry, 72 Wet

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