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Ladder Rung Grip

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Increase the safety of your employees by increasing grip on each rung of the ladder. This product is specifically designed to fit securely around steel ladder rungs which will ensure that your employees won’t slip even if the surface of the rung is wet or contaminated with oil or other substances. Offering maximum anti slip properties to increase safety standards, the product is designed to meet current standards too.

Manufactured from chemical resistant fibreglass, which is resistant to impact and corrosion, but they are still durable, long lasting, lightweight and importantly, easy to install. Suitable for installation in a variety of environments, they can be used in an industrial environment or even military applications, power stations and marinas. The grit surface also increases friction coefficiency, or problems that can occur if chemicals or other contaminants are transferred from the soles of shoes onto the ladder.

Lengths: 400mm, 600mm , or 1200mm

Width: 25mm or 38mm (top surface of rung)

Depth: 25mm or 38mm

Colours: Safety Yellow

PTV Test Value:  59 Dry, 55 Wet

We can offer a free cut-to-size service if the above sizes aren't suitable for you. Contact us now to place your bespoke order.


Application Process

The ladder rung grips are secured in place with a 3M 5200 Marine Adhesive Sealant.


The surface of the ladder should be dry, clean and free from any debris or contaminants which could affect how well the adhesive works.

Dry fit each of the rung grips to each step on the ladder to make sure that they fit freely to the surface of the ladder and they are flat to the surface too. If you need to, you can trim the ladder rung grip so that it neatly fits each step. Where any trimming is needed, it is recommended that you use an angle grinder with a 1mm blade, or a skill saw with a 4mm diamond blade. One of these tools will achieve the best results. When cutting the material make sure that you wear suitable protective equipment such as gloves and goggles.


You will need a suitable abrader for this task. Once you have the correct one, rub down the surface to achieve the required ‘key’. Turn the ladder rung grip upside down and carefully apply a bead of the 3M 5200 Marine Adhesive Sealant, in a 6mm bead. This bead should run around the edges of the grip. Place each grip over the rung and twist them to make sure that the adhesive properly covers the rung. The profile should be levelled so the surface is completely flat. Use a spirit level if you need to. The adhesive will take approximately 24 hours as a minimum to cure during which time the ladder should not be used. It is recommended that you take the ladder out of service until the adhesive is fully set.

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