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For your custom needs, choose our markacover today. Designed to work in any budget and location, these versatile signs can be used on small print runs with a standard printer. If you have the constant need for information to be updated and refreshed on a regular basis, these are the ideal option. They can be designed to portray any message of your choosing, from those warning of hazards through to clear information about the use of a specified area.

You can easily print out your sign using a standard inkjet or LaserJet printer. This can be done on to either A4 or A5 paper. On to this, the thick homogeneous plastic film can be applied. This features a coloured frame, available in recognised workplace colours, with a clear window in the centre. The top surface has a lightly embossed finish which prevents the sign from being slippery in wet conditions. Both of these features allow the markacovers to be used to highlight various organised and hazardous settings.

These sign covers are fully self-adhesive. This provides a strong fix that can withstand use in high-traffic environments without lifting. Our fully customisable signs are a cost-effective solution that minimises expensive print costs or the need for minimum orders. They are effective as both wall and floor signs that can be used immediately, with minimal downtime needed for preparation. For added versatility, they can be manufactured in colours to match RAL or Pantone references, And, they come in two different sizes - 401mm x 314mm (for A4 print) or 314mm x 252mm (for A5 print). Sold as a Pack of 10. 

If you have any questions about our markacover, get in touch today.

Sizes:  markacovers are available in two different sizes - 401mm x 314mm (for A4 print) or 314mm x 252mm (for A5 print

Colours:  Black, Yellow, Green, White, Blue, Transparent

Pack Size: markacovers are sold in packs of 10 of your chosen size and colour  

Custom covers: Aside from our off the shelf products, dependent on order quantity, we can supply markacovers in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours (matching Pantone or RAL reference).

For more information on markacovers or for a quote or sample, fill out the request a quote/sample or contact us from and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

1. markacover Storage

markacovers should be stored in a warm, dry conditions in the original protective packaging to prolong their lifespan

2. Surface Preparation

As with all markasafety products, the surface should be clean and dry. Ideally an IPA cleaner should be used to remove all surface contaminants such as paint flakes. Do not under any circumstances use petrol, lighter fluid or methylated spirits to complete this process because they leave behind a thin, greasy residue. The prepared surface should be above 10°C.

3. Porous Surface Sealing

Before application, any porous surfaces should be sealed to prevent water attacking the adhesive. Ideally you should apply Toluene based primers. Apply a thin coat to the clean surface using a paint brush and then leave to dry

4. markacover Application

Simply print the required graphics on A4 or A5 paper depending on the size of markacover purchased using a standard laser or inkjet printer. once printed turn your markacover upside down with the release film facing up, remove the film and place your printed graphic in trying to centre it as best as possible. Then simply place onto you clean prepared factory floor or wall.                                                                                                                      

5. Finish

Once your markacover has been applied, press down firmly using even pressure (a decorating roller is perfect for this task).  If it has been correctly applied correctly your markacovers surface surface can be walked on or travelled over immediately, but you will achieve maximum benefit from the adhesive system after 48 hours.

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