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markagrip Coarse Anti Slip Tape

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  • markagrip Coarse Anti Slip Tape

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markagrip Coarse Anti Slip Tape is suitable for a variety of applications when you might have a slippery surface and need to increase safety, in a warehouse for example. Suitable for use in areas exposed to constant traffic that bring with it dirt, dust, debris and water. You can apply markagrip Coarse to staircases or steps into vehicles, making them safe and non-slip, improving the safety standards of the workplace and help ensure that employees don’t slip on wet or contaminated surfaces.

The coarse anti-slip tape features a coarser grade aluminium oxide grit in comparison with the standard anti-slip tapes, offering greater strength and durability for use in an industrial environment. The grit is particularly useful at helping to prevent dust, dirt and ice clogging the surface compared to a standard grit, and it is also much stronger than standard tapes. This tape can withstand use in the most demanding of environments such as construction or industrial plants. To prolong the lifespan of your markagrip Coarse Anti-Slip Tape, it is recommended that you use it in combination with our dedicated IPA cleaner, primer and EdgeFix. It’s even more important to use these products when you are working with a porous surface. The material should be stored in warm, dry conditions in the original packaging until it’s ready to be used.

Sizes:  Our Standard stock sizes available online are 25mm, 50mm, 100mm, and 150mm width rolls which are all 18.3 meters in length.

Colours:  Black, Yellow, Green, Black/Yellow Hazard. 

However, markagrip can be supplied in any width from 19mm up to 1168mm (widths of between 10mm to 18mm available on special request) in 18.3 meter rolls or 100 meter on request. If you are interested in a non-stock size or shape simply get in contact with us for a quote via our online forms, or over the phone. Please be aware a minimum order quantity may apply. 

Custom Anti Slip Tape: Aside from our off the shelf products, dependent on order quantity, we can supply markagrip Standard in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours (matching Pantone or RAL reference).

For more information on markagrip or for a quote or sample, fill out the request a quote/sample or contact us from and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

A well prepared surface is important to ensure that the product works effectively. To start with, the surface should be dry and clean. If there is any dust, debris or shavings, these should be carefully swept away from the area. It is recommended that you use a good quality IPA cleaner to remove all surface contaminants such as paint flakes. Never use petrol, lighter fluid or methylated spirits for this task because these will leave behind a thin, greasy residue. The prepared surface should also be above 10°C.

Sealing of Porous Surfaces

When working with a porous surface, it should be suitably sealed before application. This will prevent water from attacking the adhesive. A toluene based primer would work well. Our own products are highly recommended for this task. With your chosen primer, apply a very thin coat to the surface using a suitable paintbrush and then leave to dry.

Tape Application

When the primer is dry, take the length of anti-slip tape and peel back part of the release liner. Press the adhesive firmly onto the prepared service, slowly peeling back the liner as you apply the tape along the length of flooring, stair or surface you are working with. Ensure that the tape is not too taut.

When the tape is applied to the surface, press it down firmly using even pressure. A decorating roller would be perfect for this task. The edges should then be sealed using an ‘edge fix’ product or something similar to maximise the lifespan of the tape. You only need to apply a small amount of edge fix to either side of the tape. A tiny bead along the length of the tape is best.

If the tape has been properly applied it should be ready to walk on immediately and you will achieve maximum benefit from the adhesive within around 48 hours.

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