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markagrip Conformable Anti Slip Tape

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  • markagrip Conformable Anti Slip Tape

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There are certain places where you need to place anti-slip tape for safety reasons but where the surface is uneven or shaped in an unusual way. markagrip conformable anti-slip tape is a tape that can be applied to the most hard to reach and awkward places such as chequer plate, durbar plate and diamond treads as it will easily mould to the shape of the surface that it is being applied to.

The conformable tape is made from extremely strong and abrasive aluminium oxide that delivers the highest degree of anti-slip properties which is applied to an aluminium foil backing. When traditional anti-slip tapes are manufactured, they are usually made from plastic which won’t stretch and when shaped to suit a particular surface it will spring back to its original shape. However, with the markagrip Conformable tape, the aluminium construction will stay in place and won’t lift or alter unlike plastic tapes which can lift and peel.

The aluminium material also offers greater protection against fire, having a greater level of flame retardant properties than traditional anti-slip tapes which feature a flammable, plastic backing. The markagrip product has been tested and certified to the highest of standards including CAA FAA specification 8 which can be used in plane cockpits.

Suitable for commercial and industrial applications, the conformable tape offers a complete solution for uneven surfaces in commercial or industrial applications. To prolong the lifespan of our product, we would recommend the use of a cleaner, primer and edge fix product, particularly if the tape is applied to a porous surface. To prevent the material from spoiling, it is recommended that you store it in the original packaging in a place that’s warm and dry until it’s ready to be installed.

Sizes:  Stock sizes of 25mm, 50mm, 100mm, and 150mm width rolls which are all 18.3 meters in length.

Colours: Black, Orange, White, Yellow, Black/Yellow Hazard

However, markagrip can be supplied in any width from 19mm up to 1168mm (widths of between 10mm to 18mm available on special request) in 18.3 meter rolls or 100 meter on request. If you are interested in a non-stock size or shape simply get in contact with us for a quote via our online forms, or over the phone. Please be aware a minimum order quantity may apply. 

Custom Anti Slip Tape: Aside from our off the shelf products, dependent on order quantity, we can supply markagrip Coarse in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours (matching Pantone or RAL reference).

For more information on markagrip or for a quote or sample, fill out the request a quote/sample or contact us from and we will get back to you as soon as we can. 

The first step in the process is to ensure that the floor area is suitably prepared. To do this it will need to be free from dirt, debris and particles such as flakes of paint. Avoid the use of products such as lighter fluid, petrol and methylated spirits because these will affect the bond between the adhesive and the floor surface. It should also be above 10°C. To properly clean the floor area, you should use an IPA cleaner to remove any contaminants.

Working with Porous Surfaces

When the tape needs to be installed onto a porous surface, it will need some additional preparation and sealing with a suitable product. The sealing process is carried out to prevent the water from attacking the adhesive and reducing its effectiveness. A Toluene based primer is recommended. Apply to the floor using a paintbrush and leave to dry.

Tape Application

When the primer is dry you can complete the installation by peeling the release liner and securing the adhesive to the prepared surface, fixing the tape to the floor or stairs as you go. Make sure that you don’t pull the tape too taut. When the tape is applied, go back over it with a roller preferably to ensure that it is adequately fixed to the surface, applying even pressure. Finish the process by using an edge fix which will prolong the lifespan of the tape.

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