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markagrip Marine Salt Resistant Anti Slip Tape

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  • markagrip Marine Salt Resistant Anti Slip Tape

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Suitable for use on the high seas, our markagrip Marine Salt-Resistant Anti-Slip Tape is tailored made for purpose. It can be used on everything from pleasure crafts through to commercial vessels and competitive boats. When applied appropriately, it actively minimises the risk of injury due to slipping and improves accessibility around your location.

This tape is the first ever product of its kind, offering 100% guaranteed salt protection. In demanding environments, this provides the reassurance needed to allow free flowing foot traffic around the ship. Salt found in the sea air is highly corrosive, raising the potential of floors becoming dangerous and unstable in a short space of time. This product fits that need perfectly, extending its lifespan and meeting your budget requirements.

When applied to a hard, clean surfaces, this tape is a product you can rely on. Unlike our other anti-slip tapes that feature an aluminium oxide topping, this tape has an S2 grit finish. Instead of a sharp granule-like finish, it has a polished glass bead texture which is comfortable under bare feet but still provides high anti-slip properties. Not only does this make is aesthetically pleasing, but allows it to fit the requirements of both pleasure and commercial vessels alike.

We offer a range of different personalisation options from corporate colours through to varying widths. These markagrip Marine Anti-Slip Tapes are provided, as standard, in stock rolls of 25mm, 50mm and 100mm. If you have any questions about this product or would like to request a custom design, get in touch with the team here today.

Sizes:  Our Standard stock sizes available online are 25mm, 50mm, 100mm width rolls which are all 18.3 meters in length.

Colours:  Black, Grey, Blue, White

However, markagrip can be supplied in any width from 19mm up to 1060mm in 18.3 meter rolls. If you are interested in a non-stock size or shape simply get in contact with us for a quote via our online forms, or over the phone. Please be aware a minimum order quantity may apply. 

For more information on markagrip or for a quote or sample, fill out the request a quote/sample or contact us from and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

The markagrip Marine Salt-Resistant Anti-Slip Tape should be applied and stored according to the instructions below. This will ensure its quality and ability to perform the job required.


The markagrip Marine Anti-Slip Tape should be stored in dry and warm conditions to maintain its shape. We recommend keeping it in the original packaging until required.

Surface Preparation

Our tapes should be applied to clean, dry surfaces for the best results. We recommend using an IPA cleaner to ensure that all paint, flakes and dust has been removed prior to installation. Products such as methylated spirits, petrol's and lighter fluids will leave a greasy residue and are, therefore, unsuitable for this purpose. For the best results, the surface should be above 10°C.

Porous Surfaces

To prevent water from degrading the adhesive, porous surfaces should be sealed prior to the application of our tapes. We recommend using a Toluene-based primer - we recommend our markasafety primer product for this purpose. For the best results, apply a thin coat to clean surfaces before leaving to dry.


To apply, part-peel back the release liner. Press the adhesive-side firmly onto the prepared surface. Peel back the liner as you apply pressure to the tape. Ensure the tape is not pulled taut during application. Once applied, push firmly down on the tape to ensure the adhesive is firmly fixed to the surface. A decorator roller is the ideal tool to ensure secure installation. All edges can be sealed with an 'edge-fix' to extend the tape's lifespan. Please note, only a thin line is needed to achieve the best results.

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