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Lean Floor Marking Tape Junctions

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  •  Lean Floor Marking Tape Junctions

For use with our range of markalean lean floor marking tape rolls to give you a complete and easy solution for 5S marking requirements. Made by die cutting larger sheets of markalean, the available range of junctions, joins, corners, and shapes give you an easy way to join and complete your floor marking system. Being manufactured from the same industrial grade markalean material means you can rest assured that these will blend in seamlessly and last just as long as the rest of our Lean warehouse marking tape range.

Sold as packs of 10 in your chosen colour to match your marking scheme. These die cuts remain just as easy to apply as the rest of the range, simply peel the liner and apply to a clean dry surface and it can be travelled over instantly.  As markalean can be removed with minimal reside left behind, it makes the perfect solution to the changing needs of your business, as it can be removed and replaced as your marking requirements change.

At Quantick safety we offer a large range of quality floor safety systems and can offer advice on the products best for your application. To discuss your requirements and how the markalean range may be a good fit to your facility, call or email us today and we will be happy to assist.

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