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markasafety IPA cleaner

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  • markasafety IPA cleaner

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Before the application of markasafety products such as our anti-slip tapes, we recommend that you thoroughly clean the surface, whether it’s a warehouse floor or a set of stairs. The cleaning process is important because it will remove any dirt, grease or other contaminants from the surface which can prevent the adhesive from forming a strong enough bond to keep the flooring or the tape in place.Once applied to the floor space, the cleaning product leaves behind no residue unlike other products that can be used such as methylated spirits or petrol based cleaners.

The product comes in a 1 Litre bottle making it easy to apply to any surface. The 1 Litre bottle will cover a large area because only a small amount of the solution is needed to carry out the necessary cleaning.

Simply apply to the surface that is to be covered with the tape or flooring and wipe clean. Any residue on the floor will be safely and effectively removed, leaving behind a perfectly prepared surface ready for the installation of your tape or flooring.

Our IPA cleaner has been used in a variety of applications and works in the most demanding of environments. Whether you own a low traffic commercial premises, or a high traffic industrial plant with a heavily contaminated floor, our product will effectively and efficiently clean the surface of most contaminants to ensure the best possible bond once the our anti slip products are installed.

Contains:  1000ml IPA cleaner 

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