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Permaramp Adjustable

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  • Permaramp Adjustable

Minimise damage to doorways with the Permaramp Adjustable. Designed for a wide range of environments, this unique support system spreads the weight of a user across the entire surface. This ensures smooth movement over the ramp paired with reducing the risk of injury and allowing for installation where width is restricted. It is entirely adjustable in height and can breach the gap produced with protruding PVC thresholds and sills. The highly versatile design allows it to be fitted to both firm flat or sloping surfaces with an anti-slip surface ensuring it can be used by scooters and wheelchairs alike.

Each of the telescopic legs fitted to this accessibility ramp can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of threshold types. In total, it can be used on gaps from 7.5cm (3") up to 25cm (10") in height. An entry flap accessory can also be added on, allowing it to transition directly into a property for the smoothest access route. There is also a super-wide option measuring up to 90cm which is an ideal bariatric ramp solution which can be used for single outward opening doors and extra-large mobility devices.

The Permaramp Adjustable can be left in place all year round to enhance the accessibility of a property. It is a durable, versatile and reliable option for homes, work buildings, schools and hospitals alike. If you have any questions about this product or any of the others in our online store, get in touch with our sales team here today.

Standard Width Permaramp Adjust (76 cm )

Ramp LengthRamp WidthRamp CapacityRamp Weight
90 cm (3 ft)76 cm (30 ins)400 kg (63 st)12.5 kg (28 lbs)
120 cm (4 ft)76 cm (30 ins)
400 kg (63 st)
16 kg (35 lbs)
150 cm (5 ft)76 cm (30 ins)
400 kg (63 st)
19 kg (42 lbs)
180 cm (6 ft)76 cm (30 ins)
400 kg (63 st)
22.5 kg (50 lbs)
210 cm (7 ft)76 cm (30 ins)
350 kg (55 st)26 kg (57 lbs)
240 cm (8 ft)76 cm (30 ins)
300 kg (47 st)29 kg (64 lbs)

Kerb Height 7cm (3 ins)

Extra Wide Permaramp Adjust (90 cm)

Ramp LengthRamp WidthRamp CapacityRamp Weight
90 cm (3 ft)90 cm (35.4 ins)400 kg (63 st)14 kg (22 lbs)
120 cm (4 ft)90 cm (35.4 ins)
400 kg (63 st)
18 kg (40 lbs)
150 cm (5 ft)90 cm (35.4 ins)
400 kg (63 st)
22 kg (48 lbs)
180 cm (6 ft)90 cm (35.4 ins)
400 kg (63 st)
26 kg (57 lbs)
210 cm (7 ft)90 cm (35.4 ins)
350 kg (55 st)30 kg (66 lbs)
240 cm (8 ft)90 cm (35.4 ins)
300 kg (47 st)34 kg (75 lbs)

Kerb Height 7 cm (3 ins)

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