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No matter the threshold or edge in question, our q-ramps offer a practical solution. The hard wearing and flexible design allows these access solutions to suit every industry and property with ease. From doorsteps, steps and edges through to ridges around the home, they are strong, reliable and aesthetically pleasing. They are manufactured from PELD and PE - materials that are both entirely non-toxic and odourless. This minimises the need for downtime during installation, allowing your business to carry on as normal. They can also be used in areas where food is controlled and prepared.

These ramps are an effective solutions for environments where equipment needs to be rolled or vehicles driven. Available as 100 cm wide as standard, they can be easily trimmed to your required width and can also withstand loads of up to 2000kg. They are also perfect around the home for overcoming small thresholds such as carpet strips and floor level changes for wheelchair users, removing the shock caused from a sudden elevation change, this is particularly important for users with a spinal injury. Each one is quick and easy to install with either our q-tape or q-Pads. Simply peel off the retaining liner, place on to a clean, dry floor and apply pressure. In seconds, the threshold in question becomes safe and easy to access for all. We offer these ramps in a variety of different heights, from 4mm up to 16mm, allowing them to suit any small threshold. q-tape and q-pads are available in packs suitable for the installation of 1 ramp, q-pad installation only possible with ramps of 10mm or over. 

When no longer required, these ramps can be 100% regenerated and recycled into other items. This makes their manufacture entirely waste-free. Any defective products or overly shortened items found during the production can be recycled back and re-used with little issue. If you have any further questions about the q-ramps, get in touch with the team here today.

q-ramp HeightRamp LengthRamp WidthRamp Capacity
4mm50 mm1000mmup to 2000 kg
6mm50 mm1000mm
up to 2000 kg
8mm75 mm1000mm
up to 2000 kg
10mm100 mm1000mm
up to 2000 kg
12mm125 mm1000mm
up to 2000 kg
up to 2000 kg
up to 2000 kg

q-tape sold in packs of 5 pieces enough to install one ramp

q-pad installation only possible on ramps of 10 mm or over, q-pads sold in packs of 6 pieces which is enough for one ramp installation. 

q-ramps can be easily installed by anyone in a minimal amount of time by using either the q-tape or q-pads available.  

q-pad installation is only possible with a ramp of 10mm or over. 

Measuring- Measure your threshold and ensure that you have the correct size of q-ramp to suit

Cleaning- To ensure the best possible adhesion to your surface with the q-tape or q-pad ensure that the areas is free from any grease, dust, and contaminants, 

Installation with q-pads- Place the q-pads against the threshold in front of the small arrows on the q-ramp surface, Then simply place your q-ramp and install onto the q-pads. q-pads allow the ramp to be installed and uninstalled for cleaning purposes. 

Ramp O MeterQ Ramp CleaningQ Ramp Q Pad MountQ Ramp Q Pad Mount

Installation with q-tape- remove the protective paper from the q-tape and press firmly onto the moulded marker on the underside of the q-ramp, repeat and then once all q-tape is applied to your q-ramp remove the second side of the protective paper and place your q-ramp firmly down against your threshold. 

Ramp O MeterQ Ramp CleaningQ Ramp Q Tape MountQ Ramp Door

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