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Our QA1 profile has been designed in-house to meet the needs of commercial and industrial environments. It makes use of heavy-duty and lightweight aluminium which is known to have rust-resistant and anti-slip properties when manufactured correctly. To help your business with DDA compliance, QA1 has a 55mm PVC coloured riser strip and 55mm unique Carbigrip carborundum anti-slip infill, available in Black, Yellow, and white as standard in order to create a visual contrast. This improves the high definition and slip-resistant properties of this product and ensures it offers stability with every single step. And, being suitable for installation on all sound surfaces, our profiles really do provide a solution for near on every location.

They have a unique modular design that locks together with other profiles. This allows you to alter the design and fit of your profile during installation, without needing to pull the entire thing up mid-way. We provide each one with pre-drilled fixing upon request. Choose from a range of colours to improve visibility, including yellow, black and white. For bespoke requests, contact the team and we'll work to suit your needs. Available in 1000mm or 1500mm standard lengths or bespoke sizes up to 2500mm,  Our CARBIGRIP Insert has a PTV test value of 86 Wet. PairQA1 with QA4/QA5 for a complete anti slip system, see photos or contact us for ideas. 

From shopping centres, railways stations and car parks to military bases, prisons and police stations, these anti-slip profiles are ideal to improve health and safety. They can be used in both internal and external settings. If you have any questions or enquiries about these profiles, get in touch with the team here today.

Lengths: Standard Lengths of 1000mm and 1500mm available, or cut to lengths as per your requirements up to 2500mm contact us for details. 

Profile: QA1

Thickness: 7.5mm including infill 

Colours: Yellow, Black, White, for bespoke colours please contact us. 

Weight per meter: 1.6kgs

Ideal For: Industrial and Commercial Premises 

Pedestrian Traffic Level: Heavy

PTV Test Value: 86 Wet

Guarantee: 10 Years against premature wear

How to install the QA1 Profile

The QA1 profile is a heavy-duty option, designed for commercial and industrial environments. Therefore, correct installation is vital to its performance. We recommend that you access the installation substrate fully before fitting. It should be sound and reasonably level. Any remedial work must take place before installation.

This specific profile should always be screw-fixed. This ensures stability and minimises the risk of tripping or injury. We also recommend that the profile be bedded with a suitable adhesive to reduce or remove the potential rattling sound that can be created. This also provides peace of mind for every user and ensures the soundest installation possible.

We recommend using No.8 (M5) wood screws with countersunk heads. These will best suit the standard pre-drilled holes provided on our profiles. Make sure to always use stainless steel screws or bolts/nuts when fixing to a steel plate.

The adhesive you choose should be suitable for external use. Always use in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. When only fixing with adhesive, we recommend you use a product with high-strength mechanical properties which has been specifically designed for structural bonding. Cartridge adhesives that are typically used for fixing decorative nosings such as Gripfill or F32 are not recommended.

If you have any questions about installing the QA1 profile, get in touch with the team here today who will be happy to help.

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