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Improve the quality and safety of your steps and stairs with the help of our unique CARBIGRIP carborundum anti-slip filled QA2 nosing profile. Crafted with a modular design that easily locks together with other profiles, this hardwearing solution can be used in a range of different locations. QA2 has been manufactured from heavy-duty aluminium with a highly defined surface to minimise the risk of injury. They can be affixed easily to all sound surfaces, using the pre-drilled holes (if required) and supplied fixings. So, when it comes to sorting the health and safety within your property, they provide a versatile option that works.

Our QA2 can help your business to comply with the requirements set out by the DDA. They have a highly slip-resistant surface and can be manufactured to length to sit as per your individual requirements. Each one is available in a range of different colours to suit your branding or the interior style of your building. Equally, they can be ordered to sit alongside your colour-coding system. We manufacture each and every one here in the UK at our Somerset-based workshop, ensuring you receive the most comprehensive service from us, right from day one. Pair QA2 with QA4 to create a high visibility full tread cover or with QA5 to create a sleek nosing that help you comply with DDA legislation.

Anti-slip infills are suited to a great many different applications. Use on heavily trafficked landings alongside environments that are wet, dry or greasy. They are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, being a practical choice for major pedestrian areas such as shopping centres and railways. Along with this, they can be used in specialist areas including food processing and water treatment buildings and are even ideal for military bases, prisons and police stations.

If you have any further questions about our Carbigrit Carborundum Anti-Slip Infill, get in touch with the team here today.

Lengths: Standard Lengths of 1000mm and 1500mm available, or cut to lengths as per your requirements up to 2500mm contact us for details. 

Profile: QA2

Thickness: 7.5mm including infill 

Colours: Yellow, Black, White, for bespoke colours please contact us. 

Weight per meter: 1.6kgs

Ideal For: Industrial and Commercial Premises 

Pedestrian Traffic Level: Heavy

PTV Test Value: 86 Wet

Guarantee: 10 Years against premature wear

How to install our QA2

Before applying this product, ensure the surface/substrate is sound and reasonably level. If remedial work is required, this should be done before installation to create the most successful installation. The Treadda range is a heavy-duty product and, therefore, should always be screw fixed to the surface. We also advise that all profiles be bedded using a suitable adhesive. This reduces and removes the risk of rattling or uneven installation once the installation has been completed. Ensure this bedding adhesive is suitable for external use and used in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. More information on this is available in 'related products'. If you intend the profile to be fitted by adhesive alone, you should ensure the product use has high-strength mechanical properties. These should be specifically tailored towards structural bonding and be used for fixing decorative nosings. Therefore, Gripfill, F32 etc are not recommended for this purpose.

We recommend a screw size of No.8/M5 and the use of stainless screws with a countersunk head. This suits the pre-drilled holes. Always use stainless steel screens or bolts/nuts when fixing to a steel plate. This ensures stability and minimises the risk of additional injury. If you need more information about this infill or the correct installation process, get in touch with the team here today. We are experts in safety solutions and are there to make sure you get the most out of your product.

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