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Channel Ramps

Channel Ramps

Expertly crafted, wheelchair channel ramps are suitable for applications where storage and space is limited, making them an ideal solution for smaller properties or commercial premises. They are available in folding, rigid, telescopic and combination options and they can be easily stored inside a car, taxi or bus for ease of transportation. Suitable for wheelchairs and mobility scooters, they can be purchased in a variety of lengths to suit your specific needs.

The ramps are manufactured using the highest standards and best practices to ensure that they comply with the latest safety standards. A great deal of pride and care is taken in the manufacturing process to ensure that quality is exceptional.

All of our products feature a non-slip surface on the wheelchair channel ramps which is guaranteed for the lifetime of the ramp.

Channel ramps are lightweight, compact and easy to use but they can be used for many different mobility aids.

They feature anodised aluminium kerbs to prevent corrosion and stains, increasing their durability and longevity, an anti slip surface and ergonomic handles that allow the ramp to be folded away for storage or transportation. They also include a unique design to deliver maximum grip and they are built for excellent versatility and application in a variety of environments, commercial or residential.

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