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Portable Ramps

Portable Ramps

If you are the owner of a commercial premises or you are a homeowner, a portable wheelchair ramp can offer so many benefits in terms of access to a building. We have a comprehensive set of portable ramps that can serve all kinds of access and mobility requirements. Quantick Safety Systems have established a strong reputation for delivering high quality and affordability when it comes to portable wheelchair ramps for steps.

House wheelchair ramps - Ultra strong and lightweight, these types of ramps are ideal for accessing domestic or residential buildings. It can be easily positioned in place and removed after use making it quick and easy to transport.

Travel - When it comes to travel, portable ramps are perfect for navigating kerbs, steps and into buildings. It is strong but incredibly lightweight with folding variants available making them compact and ideal for transporting if you travel around frequently.

Our range of portable ramps has variants specifically designed to work over patio or French doors, improving access to outdoor spaces. The unique design of these ramps allows the wheelchair to effortlessly move over the threshold with ease and convenience.

Our portable ramps are ultra strong, lightweight and perfect for use in both residential and commercial environments. The portable wheelchair ramp products that we offer are easy to handle, quick to install and practical in terms of transportation. They also have an anti-slip surface too so you can rest assured that you can use them with your mobility equipment in complete safety. Suitable for use in a variety of situations, our portable wheelchair ramp is constructed from strong materials and built to last.

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