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Quantick Safety Systems have been working with commercial and domestic clients for a number of years to offer a range of products such as permanent wheelchair ramps and mobility solutions. If you are struggling to access your home or you have customers who have difficulty navigating steps into and out of your business premises, the installation of a ramp can be the perfect solution. With a semi-permanent ramp, it can be installed and then removed at a later date if you move home or business.

Simple yet strong, our ramps offer a comprehensive solution that allows you to access a building with ease, regardless of your mobility issue or disability. The systems that we supply have been carefully designed, not only to work well, but to also install quickly and easily.

You can also purchase adjustable height platforms, handrails and more to suit your specific requirements. Our team are always happy to talk through the various options that are available to you or answer any questions that you may have, just ask and we will gladly help.

Semi permanent wheelchair ramps can be installed very quickly and removed just as fast too, offering convenience and practicality.

All ramps are made to stringent safety and quality standards and they feature a non-slip surface, so they are suitable for wheelchairs or those using walking frames or sticks.

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