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Threshold Ramps

Threshold Ramps

If you are looking for a threshold ramp for your home or perhaps a commercial property, Quantick Systems have a selection of products that can help. The range of products that we offer customers are suitable for all types of thresholds and are available in either standard, bridge or wedge styles. Whichever type that you need for your doorway(s) they will fit neatly over the threshold without causing any damage and the rubber anti-slip surface will ensure that the ramp stays firmly in place. Many of our products can also be used in combination with other accessibility ramps such as a semi-permanent or portable ramps and can be purchased as a kit for a cash saving.

Suitable for use by any mobility device from a wheelchair to a mobility scooter and also great stability for a walking user, our ramps are designed for strength and durability. They are manufactured to the highest standards and meet all current safety and quality standards and you can choose from multiple sizes, styles and materials to fit your home or business.

They are great for any type of doorway, incredibly easy to install and they can be used either side or both sides of a doorway depending on your specific requirements. They are also available in either permanent or removable options depending on whether you need a short term or long term solution. As well as being suitable for use with wheelchairs, our threshold ramps also work well with users of mobility frames and they are durable and non-slip so they can withstand regular use.

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