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Ladder Rung Grips

Ladder Rung Grips

Our Anti-Slip Safety Ladder Rung Grips are designed to help improve grip in a range of different settings. They have a unique design, tailored to fit over traditional round steel ladder rungs. In exposing environments or those submitted to harsh weather conditions, this minimises the risk of injury and reduces hazards significantly. Each one has an anti-slip surface and reliable chemical resistant, as standard. They help to enhance ladder safety by enhancing and enlarging the surface area for foot contact and improving friction coefficient through a grit surface.

Our selection of Ladder Rung Grips can all be browsed and purchased here today. They are available in a range of different lengths and sizes to fit your ladder perfectly. In addition, we offer a FREE cut-to-size service that fits your bespoke requirements exactly. The anti-slip surface offers a high slip resistance. This makes them ideally suited to professional and commercial environments alike. In addition, each one is constructed from fibreglass and can resist attack from corrosive fluids ordinarily transferred from the sole of a booth. They are also suitable for use in food preparation areas, being resistant to food, oil and grease.

Shop our highly visible, hard wearing and practical Ladder Rung Grips here today. They are easy to apply with 3M 5200 Marine Adhesive Sealant. If you have any questions about these products, get in contact with the team at Quantick Safety Systems here today.

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