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SP350 High Tack Adhesive

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  • SP350 High Tack Adhesive

Tags: Adhesive, Mastic, GRP Fixings

A must buy product for any GRP anti-slip flooring product, our High Tack Adhesive is perfect for all types of applications. Based on hybrid polymers, the adhesive offers a strong and long lasting bond making it suitable for any of our flat sheets and GRP products. It is a non-sagging, elastic mastic adhesive designed for commercial use or in high traffic areas. The strength of the adhesive makes it ideal for securing GRP anti-slip flooring on a variety of substrates. It offers a high level of ‘grab’ and it reduces the need for any additional clamping or fixings to hold the sheets in place.

The product is completely solvent free and minimal odour making it perfect for application in all types of workplaces. It is also chemically neutral while maintaining excellent resistance to weathering, ageing and light damage. All of these properties make the adhesive suitable for both internal and external use. When installing any type of GRP anti slip flooring, the quality of the adhesive is important. If you don’t use the right grade of adhesive or a poor quality product, it won’t deliver the results that you need and could result in movement, peeling, tearing and curling of the non-slip flooring.

If you have any questions about our adhesive or you need to find out more about our products, please contact our knowledgeable and friendly customer care team who are always happy to answer any queries that you may have.

SP350 Fix and seal is best applied in a hand pump Skeleton gun. 

Kit Contains: 1 x 310ml tube of white SP350 High Tack Adhesive

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