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GRP Nosing Fixing Kit

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  • GRP Nosing Fixing Kit

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Using the right equipment and tools is important when installing anti-slip GRP products. The correct installation technique will ensure that the product is secured properly in place and it serves its purpose. For stairs where nosings are used, safety is so important and this kit will ensure that any anti-slip floor stair products you install will stay in place and won’t break with general, everyday use, even in high traffic areas.

The standard GRP nosing fixing kit that we supply to customers includes a versatile adhesive which is suitable for application on many types of surface whether they are porous or non-porous the adhesive is designed to secure the nosing to the surface and it will resist all types of weathering as well as general wear and tear. Everything you need to fix GRP nosings is included within this product pack.

The kit that you receive will be enough to cover roughly 15000mm of nosings. You can calculate the amount of kits that you will need to purchase to complete your installation project by dividing the length of the nosings in millimetres by 1500. If, for example you were purchasing 10 lots of 3000mm nosings you would need 2 fixing kits, because 30000 divided by 15000 equals 2 kits.

It’s always beneficial to work out how many kits that you will need before you start your project to avoid delays in the installation process.

Kit Contains: 1 Cartridge of MT440 high grip adhesive, 60 stainless steel self tapping screws, and 60 rawl plugs

Coverage: 1 fixing kit covers roughly 15000mm length of nosings

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