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Tactile Systems

Tactile Systems

Constructed from a durable and long-lasting resin and stone composite or GRP, Tactile paving systems are essential for the visually impaired as they provide a warning system that hazards are approaching. They are an excellent alternative to traditional concrete Tactile slabs which can be heavy and difficult to install. Lightweight and strong, our tactile paving system is suitable for year round use in areas used by members of the public.

Once installed, our tactile paving studs can alert visually impaired pedestrians of a gradient change or road crossing and they can be installed quickly and easily in the required areas. Our tactile product range also alert pedestrians to cycleways, keeping them safe and preventing a collision. The paving that we supply is available in a variety of different options:

Lozenge – Designed to warn pedestrians of a platform edge or monorail system

Blister – Alerts a pedestrian to a dropped kerb or an appropriate location to cross the road

Corduroy – Used to identify a hazard such as a change in the level of a pavement or to warn pedestrians of another hazard.

Marker – Paving systems used to denote parking spaces, traffic restrictions or draw attention to step edges.

Tactile paving services are designed to be quick and easy to install with no excavation of existing pavements, the products that we use bond to the existing substrate and performs much better than any concrete alternative.

Alert pedestrians to hazards, keep them safe and provide an effective aid for the visually impaired.

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