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markalean Lean Marking Tape

markalean Lean Marking Tape

When it comes to safety in warehouses, office spaces or in retail environments, the markalean Floor Safety Marking system offers a versatile and effective solution. Slightly thinner than markaroute it is the leanest self-adhesive, industrial grade marking tape available. It has been manufactured based on Principles of 5S and lean management, with a large range of colours, widths, letters, and shapes available to meet your needs. When it comes to supporting health & safety in the workplace and conforming to current regulations and guidance, these products provide high-level performance at a cost-effective price.

Designed to suit all manner of working environments, markalean is a hard-wearing product complete with mild embossed surface within the construction to minimise the risk of slipping around the workplace. This combines with an aggressive permanent adhesive, suitable for fixing to a variety of floor surfaces and ideal for both internal and external use. As one of the thinner options available within our range (just 500mu), this industrial-grade tape is a popular choice for high-traffic environments. It can be used in settings with trolleys, wheelchairs, and even forklifts while maintaining a durability that promises to last. The benefits of markalean mean it can be integrated into your workplace to help suit the needs of 5S requirements and improve safety and efficiency for every employee.

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