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markaroute Heavy Duty Floor Marking Tape

markaroute Heavy Duty Floor Marking Tape

Designed to encompass various floor marking components, markaroute Warehouse Line Marking Tape is used in corporate environments across the UK and is the most complete system available on the market. It has been designed to extend far beyond just simple lines. This comprehensive factory floor marking system easily highlights aisleways for use by employees and visitors. In addition, it can be used to support the work of safety signage around your workplace to minimise the risk of injury and accidents.

This line marking system will support performance within any working environment by creating a streamlined, organised and tidy environment for all to work in. In addition to lines, it can be cut, placed and configured to suit your factory or warehouse suitably with almost unlimited variants possible. The construction is that of a printed base, that can be customised to suit your needs and branding, with a top laminated surface that has a scratch-resistant finish. This allows it to maintain its colour and vibrancy over time. The markaroute tape is exceptionally easy to apply and requires very little or no downtime. During installation, there are no fumes or solvents given off and can be used immediately after making it the perfect alternative to paints and resin systems. If your 5S marking requirements change, markaroute can be easily removed cleanly without snapping. This makes it the ideal choice for environments with strict hygiene requirements including those dealing with food and pharmaceutical product manufacturing.

The tape's 700mu thickness has durability and strength that befits harsh environments. An adhesive-backed carrier sheet pairs with the laminate surface to give a strength suited to heavy wheeled or footed locations. This range has been designed for versatility and comes EN13501 certified for its resistance to fire. Browse the range of markaroute warehouse line marking tape below in our online store. But don't take our word for it try it in your factory or warehouse by completing the sample ‘Request Form' below.

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